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Funding Opportunities


Support of the research community of the University of Patras for the development of research through the search for proposals from funding bodies in Greece, abroad and other sources, as well as providing technical assistance for the successful participation of stakeholders in proposals and projects. For more information please contact the Department at

Promoting Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The Innovation & Know-how Exhibition – Patras IQ, is established as a meeting place for researchers and stakeholders from the productive sector, who exploit knowledge and promote innovation and entrepreneurship. For more information please contact the Department at

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2016: PATRAS IQ was honored with the Education Business Awards 2016 from the institution that rewards good practices in the field of education, receiving Praise in the category: C.5 Cooperation with Business Bodies & Organizations.

2017: PATRAS IQ was honored with the National Award “European Enterprise Promotion Awards – EEPA 2017”, in the category “Entrepreneurship Promotion”. The European Entrepreneurship Promotion Awards are organized by the European Union and on National Level by the General Secretariat of Industry, Ministry of Economy & Development.


Innovation & entrepreneurship support actions

Student Scientific Groups